Quick Fix: Joomla User: JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: XX Error

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Joomla websites, including Joomla 1.5 core and 2.5 core sites, have the error message called "JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 60" (number 60 could be whatever number) on some pages. Sometimes this happens on some K2 extension pages as well.

The reason causing this error message is, some user added a Joomla article or a K2 item inside the Joomla site, but later this user is deleted from the user management of Joomla by an administrator. So that user ID can not be found by the system. Here we introduce the quickest way to fix it below:

Magento 1.7 can not be installed with MySQL 5.6 due to the lack of InnoDB storage engine

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Recently while we were installing a clean copy of Magento 1.7 community version into one of our clients server, we found error occurs and the installation could not be finished. The error message is "Database server does not support the InnoDB storage engine". So we digged this a little bit and found due to the changes of MySQL 5.6, InnoDB storage engine is no longer supported. People are also complaining about this issue on Magento forum as you can see here.

Joomla website anti bot Google by some plugins

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Recently one of our client's Joomla website was appeared to be blocked by Google. No search result is displayed at all even input the website's domain name.

You can try to input site:www.yourdomain.com in Google to see if your website is having an anti-bot problem.

E-paper watch Pebble is going to release its SDK for developers

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

In the upcoming month the start-up company from silicon valley who created the fabulous e-paper watch called Pebble will release its SDK to attract developers.

At this stage, the SDK would only include the development/customization of the watch faces. Pretty sure there will be more and more functions oepned to developers and we will see what kind of interesting things people will be able to bring up on this small watch.

Currently there have been already functions below integrated into this small thing:

Add JCE editor into K2 extra fields

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Many people may find K2 component of Joomla now does not have JCE editor, TinyMCE and other 3rd party editors in its extra fields. K2 now is using NicEdit, which does not have many functions like DocMan link.

2013 Top 10 Worst Websites

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Recently the famous web design and online marketing company GlobalWebFx released the list of top 10 worst websites of 2013. Suprisingly, websites of web design companies like Parkside Technologies, Designs 23 and Arcata Web Design are in this list. Maybe some people would wonder what standards there are to define if a website is a shit.


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